The team at Boreal is made up of passionate and like-minded individuals that are dedicated to making the stoke come alive. Whether it is turning water drops into flakes, creating that perfect off-loading ramp, or getting some first timers their rental skis or board, no job is too small to make the stoke real. From the wee hours of the morning to the freezing cold temperatures at night, our team is dedicated to making it the best experience you will have. Imagine walking out the door after work, hopping on The Accelerator, and being able to carve down the mountain with the most beautiful sunset in front of you. The average day for an employee rolls this way – Wake up, clock in, work alongside some of the most dynamic individuals you’ll meet, clock out, and go shred. Who wouldn’t want to work where they play?

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"Every smile, carve, and jump comes from our passionate team members"

By joining our team, you will improve your skill level, learn something different, and make plenty of memories and strong friendships along the way. With a passionate and dedicated community like ours, no job is too big, and no team member is too small. Whether you like putting smiles on people's faces and showing your ticket-selling skills, getting our guests all geared up in the rental shop, or being the very first face they see in the parking lot, there is a spot for everyone. Do you want to share your love for action sports with the kids, families, and first-time riders and teach them how to shred down the mountain just a few hours after learning or see some smiles on a kiddo's face while they are flying down the mountain on a tube? Our home can be yours too. We would love to see some fresh faces join our family.

We strive to create an environment that is enjoyable, connected, and strong. With that, we are dedicated to building our employees up and being involved in their learning and growth. The culture we have created starts with the first steps you take on the fresh powder on your first day. Every smile, carve, and jump comes from our passionate team members, who are motivated but know how to have some fun every day. Winter is coming and we want you on our team, so come make your home here.

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