Supporting those on the Front Lines

We’re at it again!  It's Feel Good Friday and this week we're giving a shout out to Goggles for Docs.

In our efforts to keep safety and well-being our top priority, we have teamed up with Goggles for Docs to help the fight against COVID-19. If you have not heard about this awesome overnight grassroots effort to supply physicians and medical providers with personal protective equipment, than keep reading.

Goggles For Docs Collage

The snow community answered the call when a New York City Doctor wanted to start using ski/snowboard goggles as a form of eye protection while standard  personal protective equipment started running low. Boreal Mountain CA was contacted by a local regional coordinator, Nick Gagnon, to jump in on the efforts, and we didn't hesitate. Under the guidance of our Health + Safety leaders —Joe Cataudella and Sam Huettinger, we immediately gathered, sanitized, bagged up, and shipped out over 30 pairs of goggles in our first drop, with more on the way! 

“Over 38,000 goggles have been donated to hospitals and medical clinics in need, but we still have thousands of unfulfilled requests.”

Goggles For Docs Collage

From Truckee with love, straight to NYC and La Mesa, CA <3

Now Goggles for Docs, and Boreal can use your help. Instead of stowing your goggles away for the season or tossing them out, send them on their way. 

Goggles for Docs Collage

Cruise over to to see how you can help our medical providers on the front lines.


Guest Post written by Joe Cataudella
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Supporting those on the Front Lines