"Uh guys, it's snowing..."


"It's snowing!"

It's September 16, how can it be snowing? We pulled ourselves out of our chairs, emerged from our windowless office, and wearily peeked out The Bunker doors. IT'S SNOWING! Instant excitement filled our faces. We ran out the door jacket-less, dawning jeans and chuck taylors, without a care in the world. We screamed with joy, we giggled, we stomped around, we ran our fingers through the freezing cold snow. It was really coming down. The trees were white, the chairlifts swaying in the wind awaiting November when skiers and snowboarders will fill them full. There just is nothing like that first snowfall to bring the rush of feeling like a kid through your soul.

We're ready for winter 19/20.  Are you?



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First Snowfall, Winter 2020