The first and only Expression Session of the 17/18 season was nothing short of amazing, thanks to everyone that came out and participated! Park Staff killed it with a 6 feature set-up, allowing skiers and riders endless options to show off their skills and creativity. The most important thing about Expression Sessions at Boreal Mountain California is competitors having fun and expressing themselves as athletes. During the heats, judges reward all riders/skiers as they compete, allowing everyone to walk away with swag and smiles! Although the jam format is fun for everyone, we still had some overall winners to take home the grand prizes.

As always, thanks to our resort sponsors and partners for making the event possible. Also a huge thanks to partner sponsors like NeverSummer, Too Hard and Vonzipper for donating prizes for the contest. Another shout-out to our guest judges who donated their time to help make the competition possible (snowboard: Nial Romanek, Christine Savage, Danyale Patterson, Kai Ujeski & Ski: Connery Lundin and Zach Steele)

Snowboard Winners:                                                                                 Ski Winners:

Grom: Becket Depriest                                                                               Grom:

Mens 1st: Cole Sorenson                                                                            Mens 1st:

Womens 1st: Ella Sorenson                                                                       Womens 1st:


We have some other super exciting events coming up this year, so stay tuned to



Tucker Norred
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The first and only Expression Session of the 17/18 season...