Feel Good Friday is Back

The Feelings are Good, The Turns are Good Too

We couldn't be more stoked to kick off 2021 with blog post about our favorite initiative, and a video in collaboration with our favorite non-profit, The High Fives Foundation.  We talk about them a lot, and there's a reason, because what they do is truly inspiring.  And after a year like 2020 we can all use a little inspiration and some good feels. Check out High Fives 2020 Facts

The Rock Stars of the Mountain

A Snowmaking Story

Snowmaking quote

Small but mighty — the Boreal + Soda Springs snowmaking crew of just 5 is what makes our magic happen behind-the-scenes. After the sun goes down, this team takes it up a notch with their "get s*it done" attitude and desire to turn the slopes white when Mother Nature isn't quite feeling up to the job. 

What is Home?


It's a place where magic happens,
a place to build memories, 
where there are no constraints, 
and we can be ourselves.


A place to get stoked, 
and get started.

A place to learn and grow, 
to spend time with family, 
laugh with our friends, 
a place where we can escape.

It's our comfort zone, 

Feel Good Friday: Truckee Bike Park

Built Through Donations

Feel Good Friday is back and this week we've partnered up with the Truckee Bike Park.  Keep reading: 


Meet Brooks and Cortney

Both bike enthusiast, Brooks McMullen is Executive Director for Biking for a Better World, and together with Cortney Knudsen they are the masterminds behind Truckee Bike Park, founding the park together in 2011. 


Two-Wheeled Turn Up

July One was All Types of Fun.

We officially welcomed summer on the summit with Woodward's opening day. From the moment the concrete was cleared for action it was like last summer never ended. From coaches, to kids visiting for the day, the smiles and tricks were all-time. Day one also meant dirt fun — the newly rebuilt Trenches saw its first riders roll through, and The Slabs got their fair share of action when the Castle Peak quad started spinning, taking riders and their mountain bikes to the top of the trails.