Woodward Peace Park Championships


Today, Boreal Mountain California, a POWDR Resort in Northern California, and Danny Davis, Peace Park founder and decorated snowboard athlete, announced the rider list of professional athletes invited to attend the inaugural Woodward Peace Park Championships and invited the Tahoe community to attend the Woodward Peace Park Championships on the final

Burton Chill Program 2019

Boreal Mountain Resort and Woodward Tahoe would like to thank our partners at the Burton Chill Program. It was and honor and so much fun to work with them again this season! There was nothing more rewarding than hearing the participants on their final day share their stories of achievement, friendships and gratitude.

Subaru WinterFest 2019

The annual mountain lifestyle tour, returned to Boreal for one of the best weekends of the year! Skiers, snowboarders, families, friends AND DOGS attended the Subaru WinterFest this year in our extended base area. The base area was full of fire pits, tiny homes, snacks, free demos from partner brands such as Lib Tech, Nordica and Shred Optics.


Ladies and gentlemen we are floating through space… On this tiny habitable planet called Earth we recreate by floating through frozen water molecules by standing on nimble platforms called snowboards. The sensation created by this act is nothing short of euphoric. In this infinitely spiraling Universe we are one with all of it's components.We share an experience of possible illusion but definite feeling.

Woodward Peace Park at Boreal


It's offially open to the people! Danny Davis celebrated the opening of Woodward Peace Park at Boreal Mountain on February 8 with us by hot lapping Cedar Ridge and the epic build of #WoodwardPeacePark. The park will be ever-evolving and will change throughout the season. The Park is located to the far east of the resort off of the Cedar Ridge Chairlift. Don't miss out on this awesome project and make sure you thank a Park Staff!

Powdertown at Boreal!

Hello shredders and shralpers! Now’s your time to utilize those sick days because Powder Town is back! We’ve received 300”+ of the freshest Boreal Magic so far this season and conditions are better than ever! Stop everything you’re doing and come join the powder party. It’s time to ride Boreal!