Feel Good Friday: Truckee Bike Park

Built Through Donations

Feel Good Friday is back and this week we've partnered up with the Truckee Bike Park.  Keep reading: 


Meet Brooks and Cortney

Both bike enthusiast, Brooks McMullen is Executive Director for Biking for a Better World, and together with Cortney Knudsen they are the masterminds behind Truckee Bike Park, founding the park together in 2011. 


Two-Wheeled Turn Up

July One was All Types of Fun.

We officially welcomed summer on the summit with Woodward's opening day. From the moment the concrete was cleared for action it was like last summer never ended. From coaches, to kids visiting for the day, the smiles and tricks were all-time. Day one also meant dirt fun — the newly rebuilt Trenches saw its first riders roll through, and The Slabs got their fair share of action when the Castle Peak quad started spinning, taking riders and their mountain bikes to the top of the trails.

Got Goggles?

At Boreal / Woodward we have strong connections with our community, including our work with the High Five’s Foundation, Chill Foundation, and now Goggles for Docs. As part of our Feel Good Friday initiative in partnering with organizations that share our same passions, we teamed up with Goggles for Docs in the fight against COVID-19.

Domino Effect

Due to COVID-19, communities everywhere are navigating unfamiliar times, and our communities at Boreal Woodward, and Soda Springs are no exception. Through this difficult—and often quiet—time, the resort staff wanted to help the team find ways to stay busy, positive, and even pay it forward. 
Kindness can launch a domino effect, enabling one simple act to go a long way and touch many other lives. We wanted to challenge staff to spread some positivity and create such an effect by participating in a Pay It Forward Challenge.

Feel Good Friday: Boarding For Breast Cancer

B4BC: Celebrating life at every turn, both on + off a board!

When it comes to Feel Good Friday at Boreal / Woodward we're always eager to partner up with organizations that  share our passions.  The team a Boarding For Breast Cancer is a natural fit, combining a love of board sports with prevention and education.  They're s a small organization with a big heart.  And we love that.