Spring Sessions with Mack Dawg

A Behind-the-Scenes Look 

There's just something about  spring park laps – the good vibes, the sunshine, the soft thud your board makes when it slaps the slushy landing.  In April, legendary film-maker and producer, Mike McEntire, aka "Mack Dawg" of Mack Dawg Productions, dropped in on our Woodward Peace Park set-up for a few days of spring-filled shredding with Nate Haust. 




After four months of hearing silence inside of a building that’s usually full of laughter and excitement, we are so excited to announce that we are opening again. We have kicked off this past weekend with a special thank you to our pass holders that have stuck with us through these difficult times. Beginning March 31, we are opening our doors to all guests at a limited capacity. We will be open Wednesday through Sunday between the hours of 11am and 7pm. 

Park Update: It's Firing Up Here


There is no doubt our Woodward Mountain Park system is an innovative and super fun on-mountain experience for park shredder, or anyone just starting out. With our 2021 winter season more than halfway through the parks are absolutely on firing this February.

Feel Good Friday is Back

The Feelings are Good, The Turns are Good Too

We couldn't be more stoked to kick off 2021 with blog post about our favorite initiative, and a video in collaboration with our favorite non-profit, The High Fives Foundation.  We talk about them a lot, and there's a reason, because what they do is truly inspiring.  And after a year like 2020 we can all use a little inspiration and some good feels. Check out High Fives 2020 Facts

The Rock Stars of the Mountain

A Snowmaking Story

Snowmaking quote

Small but mighty — the Boreal + Soda Springs snowmaking crew of just 5 is what makes our magic happen behind-the-scenes. After the sun goes down, this team takes it up a notch with their "get s*it done" attitude and desire to turn the slopes white when Mother Nature isn't quite feeling up to the job.